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Donsson MTK IMEI Tool: How to Download and Use It on Any MediaTek Device

This is an ideal tool for flashing imei of 2-Step Verification enabled smartphone, which has been provided with the stock AT&T, T-Mobile, "unlocked" or carrier specific custom ROMs. This software will enable you to get your IMEI with all the required information like your IMEI Number, Brand, Carrier, Device, Model and all your smartphone factory pre-installed software. Just Download the software and proceed to the settings window and create an account, your Account Name, User ID and Password, Mobile number and a Pincode, Device Serial Number.

Donsson Mtk Imei Tool

Download Zip:

Your device does not have to be rooted and both Android or IOS device is supported. The whole process of performing the update can be done using this software. It compatible with all the Windows 10 Mobile devices like Lumia 950 and 635. Though the software is compatible with all these devices but the display will remain different on these devices. For example, for the Lumia 950 the software will display the same as other Windows 10 Mobile devices while on 635, it will show the same as it is on the Lumia 950. You may also connect your device to a laptop or a desktop and use the desktop as your main development area for your smartphone. The software will only operate on W10M, not on Windows Phone 8.1. You can use the software both for flashing as well as re-locking your phone. This software allows the user to unlock a phone by default and support all the feature of the mobile phone. This software is highly advance and reliable, it works in a very simple way. This is a one way software, you can only use this software to unlock a phone, and it provides you all the necessary features to unlock your device with a user friendly interface. Just download it and then run it and go to unlock section, enter your mobile number and all the settings will be completed. This software supports all the Android device from 1.4 to 5.0 as well as for Apple device. This is one of the highly advance tools which support both IOS and Android devices. This is one of the basic applications which user can use.


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