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How To Enable Or Disable Intel Turbo Boost Technology Max On Windows 10 REPACK

Max Turbo Frequency refers to the maximum single-core processor frequency that can be achieved with Intel Turbo Boost Technology. See for more information and applicability of this technology.

How to enable or disable Intel Turbo Boost Technology Max on Windows 10

I want to disable the Intel turbo boost on my Dell i5 laptop. Even for regular activity like starting the chrome or IE, turbo boost is starting and especially I am annoyed by the heat and fan noise it makes while it is starts turbo boost. Please help me out as it more nuisance rather than the performace boost.

Since installing a 6950X (same problem on another system with an 6850K installed) in my system I have been nagged by this extremely annoying app, software, driver etc. in regards to ITBM. I have both Windows 7 and Windows 10 installed, and I frankly hate the ITBM technology. I have tried "everything" I could find on the net to disable this function but it always comes back somehow. Usually after a windows update, or after some other unknown unexplained happening. I have looked over the BIOS several times for a long period now, and tried a bunch of setups, but somehow nothing works and this "feature" always comes back somehow. I am not looking for a "solution" through settings in windows anymore, as I have given up on this approach, but I am looking for a solution to completely disable the hardware feature, taking this feature away from ever being seen by the OS. I was hoping to do this through the BIOS, but it seems that it is not possible?

The intel turbo boost technology is developed for intel processors that enable processors to automatically increase the clock frequency of the CPU. When a computer is working on less CPU-intense operations it operates at low frequency.

By default, your computer has intel turbo boost enabled. So most likely the computer is utilizing it. There is no need to disable it unless you are doing some troubleshooting and you think disabling can help solve the problem.


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