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iPads Running iOS 10.1.1 Are Not Safe from Activation Lock Bypass Exploit

The second discovery is even more dangerous, as it even works on iOS 10.1.1. Vulnerability Lab has been able to recreate the above exploit on iOS 10.1.1 using screen rotation lock and Night Shift mode to gain access to Activation Locked iPhone and iPad running iOS 10.1.1.

Exploit Bypasses Activation Lock on iPads Running iOS 10.1.1

I was randomly able to clear activation lock on an iPad 5th gen running 10.2.5 last week. I immediately tried again on another device - same vintage, same OS - and it failed. We are cloud hosted running 10.1.1-t1513360285...

Working for the German company Vulnerability Lab, he has been able to create an iOS 10.1.1 exploit using the screen rotation lock and Night Shift mode. And again the entering of an excessively large amount of characters into the Wi-Fi form fields.

A newly discovered iOS bug can be used to bypass the Activation Lock feature on iPhones and iPads, giving access to the homescreen of locked devices running the latest version of iOS. As detailed by SecurityWeek, there are at least two variations of the vulnerability, one of which works on iOS 10.1, while the second one has been successfully reproduced on the latest 10.1.1.


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