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Why Track Higher Education Hardware and Software Usage?

Educational institutions need to harmonize student demands with resources without exceeding budget. The prime task is to minimize wastage of hardware and software while investing in the resources that they need to succeed. By understanding how IT assets are consumed across campus, CIOs can make data-informed decisions to allocate resources. 

LabStats is a hardware and computer lab software tracking tool that simplifies the above. Our market-leading tool informs lab managers and CIOs which resources are being used, how they are being used, who uses them the most, and which resources are least consumed. With easy-to-use features and real-time analytics, LabStats minimizes resource wastage and caters to student demands efficiently.

Our latest ebook minutely details the top reasons why educational institutions should track IT usage across campus. Here is what it talks about:

·      What software applications should be tracked?

·      The data to be collected from campus analytics and why they're important.

·      How can data from software and hardware tracking be used to gain advanced insights? And

·      What other benefits can hardware and software tracking provide?

The answers to these questions are enlisted across the LabStats tool enabling greater efficiency and resource allocation. 

Get real-time data for the complete picture of your IT environment and make data-driven decisions. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to for a free trial today.


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