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Tdu 2 Female Save Game 32 ((BETTER))

But you can play the game without steam. Just copy the hole gamefolder (steam/.../steamapps/common/tdu2) elsewhere, unpack that folder, setup the universal launcher appropriately and play with that one without steam-checking.

tdu 2 female save game 32

Download File:

I have a quick question, could it be that if you replace the unpacked files to the original game location steam woldn't let you start the game because it's been modified and so they may think it's....I don't know hacked maybe.

My issue is simple : When I unpack the game, everything is OK, I manage to install car mods, no problem. But, When I play the unpacked game version, with or without mods, my game freezes all the time. When I play, the image stops during about 1 or 2 sec. It's impossible to play !!

With the non unpacked version, I don't have this problem. It's not my PC (ASUS ROG), I have try to change the installation folder of the unpacked game on my SSD disk, but it's the same... I use TDU2 universal launcher. My game version is the v034 build 16.

[quote name='binbow']@Refusinq:It is necessary to change the saved rim file name to the file name used by the vehicle.I think that you should study the use of [URL=' -release.32907/']tdu2vpe[/URL]. You can reset the file name of the rim to use.As an example of using tdu2vpe, I think that [URL=' =g6ET9MiAR5c&t=50s']this link[/URL] will be helpful.[/QUOTE]Thanks alot!I tried alot of times with tdu2vpe but didn't work out.The tutorial worked thanks.

the problem isn't the unpacking, i already unpacked the game, the really problem is that there is only the video folder on bnk, the unpacking was incomplete, i did it 4 times, 2 times from the game folder on Program Files and 2 times from the copy on Documents, both had the same result, only Video on bnk folder

No, the others files did unpack just the "bnk/" didnt, i saw a video and there was a lot of folders inside "bnk" after unpacking like vehicles, avatar, island etc, my bnk folder don't have these folders inside after unpacking the game.

The total file size of the files before/after unpacking is about 30 GB. Is it your worries about such a situation?The original files before unpacking are no longer needed for game play and can be deleted.

For reference : Follow the procedure below.After installing TDU2, launch the game once and complete the activation.Use TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] for unpack. Note: unpack in a folder different from the installed folder.After unpacking, confirm that the game can be started normally with the unpacked file.The original files before unpacking are no longer needed and can be deleted. However, it is recommended that you save them on a separate installation media in case you need to reinstall it.


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