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Babylon PRO Torrent

About the thirteenth year of his reign, the Upper Germans, and other northern nations, began to pour down immense swarms of people upon the more southern parts of the empire. They passed the Rhine and the Danube with such fury, that all Italy was thrown into the most extreme consternation. The emperor, ever ready to expose his person, for the safety of his people, made what levies he could, and went in person to stem the torrent, which he speedily effected. It was in the course of his successes against the enemy, that he was cut off by a mutiny among his own soldiers. The legions encamped about Moguntia, having been abominably corrupted, during the reign of Heliogabalus, and trained up in all kinds of rapine and disobedience, required the most strict command. Alexander could neither endure theirPage 424tumultuary obedience, nor they his regular discipline. His own faults, and those of his mother Mammaea, were objected against him. They openly exclaimed, That they were governed by an avaricious woman, and a meanspirited boy, and resolved upon electing an emperor, capable of ruling alone. In this general revolt, Maximin, an old and experienced commander, held frequent conferences with the soldiers, and enflamed the sedition. At length, being determined to dispatch their present emperor, they sent an executioner into his tent who immediately struck off his head; and, shortly after, that of his mother. He died in the twenty-ninth year of his age, after a prosperous reign of thirteen years and nine days; his death proving, that no virtue or justice can guard us against the misfortunes of this life; and that good men are to expect their reward in a place of more equitable distribution.

Babylon PRO Torrent

Does not woman know that it was Jesus of Nazareth that touched her chains, and raised her from her ancient sepulchre? Has she to be yet informed that by the rivers of Babylon, and the torrents of the Niger and Nile, on the banks of the Ganges and the Hoangho, in the harem of the Mussulman and the verandah of the Hindoo, she is cruelly atoning for bringing death and woe into this world. In Arabia; and Turkey, and Egypt, she is guarded in her harem, and is decapitated if she go unveiled, or look from her windows on the world. In Tartary and Thibet she is created, her masters say, to be their slave. In India she is not allowed, except where Christianity has touched her chains, to sit at the table with her husband and her sons and brothers;--she is often staked and lost on the gambling, table of the more refined gamblers; while it was the crowning merit of their religion, till the arm of England interposed, to be burned on the pile, or buried alive in the grave of her husband. Not an island in the sea, not a tribe in the deserts, not a black man in Africa, that did not regard woman with contempt. Nay, let woman who turns her feet from Christian sanctuary, remember that [12/13] in the temples of China and mosques of Arabia she is not permitted to offer prayers to some unknown God for her deliverance. When Christianity came, woman's chains dropped. No wonder the women of Judea followed Jesus--no wonder the women of Africa have said to the Christian missionaries, "If you are resolved to leave us, we will throw our bodies before your waggon, that its wheels may go over us." But the women of Africa shall rise in judgment against the women of California. Your hand is raised to smite Him upon the cheek; you weave for your Lord the purple robe!


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