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Graphicriver 5 Realistic Business Card Mock Ups [REPACK]

Maybe you're looking to market nature or outdoor activities business to kids. This T-shirt mockup of a kid looking calm and happy while sitting on a decaying tree trunk would be a great choice of mockup for you, but it's also just one of the many premium mockups at Placeit that would be ideal for your project.

graphicriver 5 realistic business card mock ups

Download Zip:

Now on to iPhone mockups. The sky's the limit when it comes to great iPhone mockups at Placeit. This wonderful flatlay is just one of a variety of flatlays you can choose from to display your app, website, etc. This one targets the world of bakers, so if you've created a backing or recipe app or are launching a new cooking blog or looking to promote your bakery business, then this is the iPhone mockup for you.

How cosy is this image filled with all the things that comfort us on a cold night? A plush carpet, a warm sweater, comfy socks, good music, a warm drink, and a great book. With this gorgeous book mockup, you get a two for one. You can add the cover of your book to a realistic scene and reinforce the image on the cover with the one on the coffee mug. Of course, you can also express the same idea the other way around.

We round up our sample of enticing laptop mockup templates with this great mockup of a businessman making notes in front of an open laptop screen, which of course is just waiting for you to upload your image and share it with the world.

Envato Elements offers thousands of terrific PSD mockups by talented designers, and you can download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee. What's more, that monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of premium digital assets like fonts, logos, graphic templates, mockups, photos, business card templates, and much more.

As this article has laid out, there are many techniques for creating mockups, and each has their inherent benefits and disadvantages. But no matter how you make your mockups, the results will ultimately depend on the designer and their commitment to a realistic mockup rendering that leaps off the screen.

Because of how expansive life can be, you may meet these people on various occasions and scenarios. The possibilities for a spontaneous interaction are truly endless. How do you stay in touch with those you make only brief contact with and make them incredibly intrigued to do a follow-up? One answer: business cards.

If you are working with clients on making their business card ideas a realization, use mockups to create life-like presentations. Here is a cool one that features an unpacked bunch of business cards, that you can fully style according to your liking. After you upload the design and slide it to the template, you can also change the color of the card and the background. The wrapping is not editable. Moreover, if you want to spice things up, you can also insert a graphic and text, which is completely optional. There are no skills necessary to employ the template to its full potential.

Another way of showcasing your business card design is to use a mockup template featuring piles of cards. This layout offers you to either create two different business cards or to use one for front and the other for the back design. As you notice, you can upload two different images, but that is not all you can do with this remarkable mockup. You can change the colors of the cards and the color of the side stack. You can personalize and brand this business card template mockup in just a few quick clicks and have it ready for the client.

You can always use a mockup template that includes humans if you want something more. In this case, a person holds a business card against blurred lights. This extra detail makes the mockup very impressive. It allows you to create a presentation that easily differentiates from the rest. You do it all in-browser, over on the Placeit platform as far as the editing goes. You can change the color of the business card (template supports unlimited colors), upload an image of the design and even create a text overlay. From then on, all it takes is pressing the download button, and you are ready to rock and roll.

A nifty, modern, simple and sophisticated business card mockup template featuring four cards. There are all sorts of different ways of using this clean layout. For instance, you can create four entirely different front designs of a card. Also, you can create two front and two back designs. Whatever feels right, you can do it fairly quickly by employing this marvelous mockup. In other words, if you have the designs ready-made, upload them, reposition and crop them (if necessary) and you are ready to go. Also, the template lets you change the color of both cards and the background.

For a truly business experience, here is a business card mockup template featuring two cards and a cardholder. The working area is of 900 x 500 px dimension. Since you have two cards under control, you can easily use one for showcasing the amazing front design and the second for the backside. When working with a client, this is an excellent way of providing them a photo-realistic presentation of how the final product could look like. At this moment, you can still perform different tweaks and regulations until they are fully satisfied with your creation. When done, let the printing begin.

Our huge thanks to all of the designers and artists who filled this list with creativity, inspiration, and beauty. Sharing such amazing business card templates for free is humbling and inspiring. Also, we are going to close up this list of business templates by sharing a couple of premium choices from a very well-known designer marketplace, GraphicRiver.

Business cards are a cost-effective, versatile and professional way of marketing brands. So, as an entrepreneur, always make sure your business card is seamless and can well represent your brand anywhere it reaches. If you plan to use it for your business or revise it, you can acquire these 8 Realistic Business Card Mockups. It features 8 photorealistic letterpress business cards with horizontal and vertical perspectives. Each mockup has smart object layers to insert your artwork into the scene. Moreover, each mockup has well-organized layers and folder for easy navigation too. They have 30002000 pixel dimensions they are truly great for close up presentations of your designs.

Create a realistic display for your logo in few seconds. These PSD files uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly. This set of mockups focus on new improved texture & surfaces.

In this tutorial we'll create an editable business card mockup using very simple photography and Photoshop techniques. You'll be able to transform your photo into a customizable template, to showcase your design with elegance.

When you have to design a standard business card, consider the country to which you will have to deliver it and establish with your client the dimensions before starting your work. Each country has its own most used dimensions; you can refer to this guide for more information.

When creating a mockup, you don't need to consider the bleeds and cut size because you can just place your design in the correct position. However, you should always design a business card in vector format, with print-ready colors, and consider the necessary bleed amount. Check out more detailed guides on how to design a business card if you want more information.

For example, it's not a fixed rule that the cards have to be placed with geometry (as I do in most my mockups because they look more institutional/corporate): in fact, they could be scattered on the table, or even aligned as a card castle as long as you think it's attractive for you or your client.

Once we have finished the photography phase, transfer the photos from the camera to the computer and open Photoshop. If you prefer Lightroom to adjust lighting and contrast, that is also a very valid alternative, but you will need Photoshop to create the Smart Objects for the business card design.

It's not important that this selection matches the actual size of the card design; however, it is mandatory that we use the same proportions. In this step, you have to create a selection which is as close as possible to the business card below. It depends on the photograph's dimensions.

Now we need to blend the cards smoothly into the photo. The Multiply Blending Mode and the Layer Mask already do a great job, giving the illusion that the tops of the cards are now blue and red, but there's a detail that makes the composition still not realistic, and that is the depth of field.

Test this mockup with other designs: the Smart Object will do all the work for us, and we can utilize this template to preview as many as we want. They can be also used to showcase flyers and posters because the photo doesn't give any reference to the real size of the paper sheets. So they could be any size you need, as long as the proportions of the card and your design are more or less maintained.

A graphic designer knows how to communicate visually. They know how to make the best use of the tiny canvas of a business card. These business card templates are made by experienced designers in Photoshop. They include the following professional features:

This professional business card template has a striking dark design. It can be used as a corporate business card and it comes with both front and back design. You can change colors, add your own logo, swap out fonts, and customize it to fit your brand.

If you want a simpler design with a sleek and polished look, this template is perfect. The modern creative business card design is sure to set you apart. You can easily customize this template thanks to well-organized layers.

Try this business card bundle if you want more than one design option. The templates feature a modern and professional design. You can choose between two different layouts and five color schemes. The template is easy to customize.

This unique card template has three color versions. Your business name is featured prominently. Your details will read with clarity, with icons situated next to each contact line. So, new connections you make can quickly get to your website, shoot you an email, or find you on Twitter.


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