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Your best friend's wedding is all set to be the event of the year! You are excited, feeling responsible (a bestie has duties to perform) and you are over the moon for her. But there is that tinge of sadness because your best friend who you did everything silly with is now moving away and the centre of her universe will be her man. What can you do to make the most of your time with her before she gets married? Here are 9 experiences to share.


This tops our list because not only does a mini vacay give you more time with one another, but it also acts as a stress buster, what with all those wedding preps to be handled. Head to the calming mountains or sunny beaches and play outright girly!

The next best thing to a vacation is spending an entire day with your best friend, especially if both of you have busy work schedules. Put those phones aside and spend 24 hours together and talking about life, relationships, career; go catch a movie or two and a dinner thereafter and end the day by telling her how much she means to you.

You are never too old to put on your pjs, dim the lights a bit, devour popcorn and ice cream in the same go and gossip and any and everything (or everyone) in the world... for gossip between besties is the best thing on earth!

A shopping date in which you unburden your purses by splurging on clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor, etc. is what best friends do together. Make it productive by helping her out with her wedding shopping or better still, help her set up her new home.

Unwinding and spending some time at the spa getting pampered would be a dream for any bride and her chief assistant (A.K.A you- the best friend). Getting away from all the stress of planning the wedding, treat yourself to a full body massage top it up with a manicure, pedicure and all the other beauty essentials women love and have a great shared experience..

Unwinding and spending some time at the spa getting pampered would be a dream for any bride and her chief assistant (A.K.A you- the best friend). Getting away from all the stress of planning the wedding, treat yourself to a full body massage top it up with a manicure, pedicure and all the other beauty essentials women love and have a great shared experience.

Signing up for classes like ballroom dancing, yoga, painting, etc together is a fun way to be together, all the while learning something new. Make it worth your while and choose a physical activity. Not only does it make for fun bonding but will ensure you stay in shape to fit pretty wedding dresses.

This might sound like a clichéd, but if you don't have matching tattoos with your best friend, then who else would you have it with? Okay perhaps your hubby to be is a better idea. So if you are not up for something as serious as a tattoo, an easier and definitely less painful thing to do is get a professional photo shoot done just for the two of you, another memory to cherish forever!

Commonly known as progressive additional lenses (PAL), progressive lenses are an important part of reading prescription eyeglasses. These special glasses have got fame because of the unrivaled attribute of progressive lenses. some time, progressive lenses are also known as graduate lenses, multifocal lenses, no-line bifocal lenses, and progressive power lenses. These variants show some additional features of progressive glasses.

For example, the name with progressive power lenses, multifocal, and graduate lenses show that these lenses have lens power that increases gradually. They are helping the wearers to correct their refractive errors. Such gradually increase the power starts with the minimum range from the top of the safety eyewear glasses lens. And end at the additional power on the bottom of the lens.

Generally, the length of gradient power on lens usually extend from 15 to 22 mm. The additional power of the lens usually remains between 1.00 to 0.25 diopters. Besides this, no-line bifocals or progressive lenses have superior quality features than bifocal lenses. in this situation, reading glasses with progressive lenses also name as no line bifocal reading glasses.

Evidence indicates that first progressive lenses were established by Duke-Elder in 1922. Those lenses were firstly prepared on aspheric surfaces. Latest design progressive lenses were established by Bernard Maitenaz and Patented in 1953 after the innovation of Varilux lens. It is comprehensible, those progressive safety optical glasses lens had comparatively unfinished design and workmanship. But current progressive lenses are more developed and they have got greater users acceptance.

Generally, it has three vision zones like near vision, intermediate vision, and distance vision zones. The near zone usually sits in the bottom of the lens and distance portion lies on the top of the lenses. The intermediate distance lies in the middle portion of the progressive lenses. The latest advancement in technologies has developed numerous variations in basic progressive design.

For example, RX safety glasses with progressive lenses can use for a computer as well. Furthermore, these lenses can design for enlarged near or for distance portion. These modified progressive lenses are doing great help for individual use for particular jobs. The manufacturers used developed technologies and are trying to reduce unwanted aberrations on progressive lenses.

They are trying to enhance modeling of the lens surface and conduct trials for wearers. Moreover, computer organized machines are applied to cut the complicated surface of progressive lenses. For further detail, feel free to read below articles.

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Our goal is to Help beginners with camping guides and information, Help experts with a platform for discussion and sharing information and Help camping community with relevant outdoor, parks & camping related news/information.

Som 25-åring ble rap-legenden Tupac Shakur skutt ned på gata i Las Vegas 13. september 1996. Fans fortsetter å sørge over hans tragiske uløste drap, som fortsetter å gi drivstoff for konspirasjonsteorier, da de feirer den innflytelsesrike musikalske arven han etterlot seg. For å huske Tupac, vi'Vi har samlet fem fakta om hans liv og liv etter døden:

Ti år etter Tupacs død debuterte Madame Tussauds en uhyggelig livslignende voksfigur av artisten. Skaperne av voksen Tupac undersøkte timer med videoer av rapstjernen, hans personlige målinger og bilder levert av moren. De malte til og med håndens tatoveringer for å fange den uhyggelige likheten.

Selv om raplegenden døde i 1996, kom han tilbake til scenen på Coachella Music Festival 2012 via hologram. Tupac's hologram er en av flere digitalt projiserte avdøde stjerner som Michael Jackson, Ol' Skitten Bastard, og Easy-E. Hans hologram og musikksalg fortsetter å gi store inntekter posthumt.

For å feire det som hadde vært Andre gigantens bursdag i dag, ba vi Box Brown, forfatter av den nye grafiske romanen "Andre giganten: Livet og legenden," om å dele noen fascinerende fakta om den enorme stjernen fra hans brytningshemmeligheter til sin besettelse av (fin) mat og mer.

I dag hadde vært den avdøde, store Neil Armstrongs 84-årsdag. Her deler kompisen Jay Barbree, forfatter av den nye biografien "Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight", noen fascinerende fakta om den første mannen på månen.

Gjennom sin mesterlige historiefortelling malte Charles Dickens detaljene i en verden både grusom og lovende. Her er en titt på forfatterens liv, kjærlighet og den viktorianske verdenen som inspirerte klassikerne hans.

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Spoločným znakom všetkých producentov je však orientácia na individuálne potreby rôznych zákazníckych skupín a adaptácia technológií v rôznych prostrediach. Výrobcovia aj spotrebitelia sa budú musieť vyrovnávať s rastúcou energetickou spotrebou a vplyvom technológií na zmenu komunikačných štandardov, či prelínanie práce a súkromia stále vo vyššej miere. Deviaty ročník podujatia bol pod vlajkami značiek Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Eset a ďalších.

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