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The CoupleSets wedding ring is a symbol for romance

A little background...

The engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love that has been in use since Antiquity. It was a simple, iron ring worn on the left ring-finger which, according to the legend, there was a vein which connected the finger directly to the middle.

In the Middle Ages, silver and bronze gradually replaced the iron ring.

But it was in the 15th century that diamonds and precious stones appeared in increasingly elaborate settings. At that time, diamonds were typically reserved for the nobility and ensured the harmony of the couple after marriage.

Which Ring?

More than just a piece jewelry the engagement ring is a symbol for an intimate relationship, which is why it is important to pay special attention to it.

Particularly since selecting an engagement ring can be a huge challenge for the novice. How to choose between a diamond and a colored stone? Consider an unpaved or paved ring and instead choose white, pink, or yellow gold or platinum?

It is also at this time that you should consider your wedding band, and pick the ring that will go with it.

What size and type of stone?

The diamond is the symbol of absoluteness and permanence. The diamond is the most popular stone for engagement rings. It is however possible to opt for an emerald-colored stone like sapphire, colored sapphire, ruby or the emerald. There aren't any guidelines aside from gauging the preferences of your prospective wife.

The choice of stone cutting will depend on your budget and preferences. It is possible to choose round oval, pear square or rectangle, triangle or shuttle sizes like the heart size.

What metal?

The color of the metal and also the metal itself are crucial. You can choose yellow gold, pink gold, white gold or even platinum. You must pay attention to this selection. It may seem logical to choose the color in accordance with your skin tone. But, it is important to look at the rings that your future wife to get a better understanding of her preferences.

What kind of rings do you prefer?

There are a variety of designs for engagement rings. We can recognize three primary types of rings. In addition, you can find a custom-made creation which is a distinct piece, made to measure which is more unique than any other piece.

Traditional Solitaire

The setting is adorned with an original stone. This is the most common and pure engagement ring. The traditional frame will be able to match better with your future wedding ring.

The Solitaire is a game with a polished body and/or an entourage.

The setting is made up of an elongated central stone that is adorned with stones, surrounded by a ring and a ring body that is paved with stones. This can be used to emphasize the central stone and also to highlight the color of the stone.

The Trilogy or You & Me

The setting of the Trilogy is comprised of three identical-sized diamonds (Yesterday Today Tomorrow), while the "Toi & Moi" setting is made up of two stones. The stones could have the same shape and color, but they can also be completely different.

Personalized creation - unique piece

Unique piece The personalization process is the advantage of creating an original and unusual piece of jewelry. The design will be tailored to your love's preferences, morphology and tastes from the sketch to the stones. This option also has the advantage of adjusting precisely to your budget.

What is your budget?

When we select a piece of jewelry, it is important to need to ask ourselves this question. The cost of jewelry is determined largely by the stone that is used as the centerpiece. But, it also depends on the metal used and the frame type.

Tradition usually provides an average budget of one and two months' wages. There aren't any rules or statistics, except to choose an engagement ring that fits your budget and the expectations of your future bride-to-be.


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