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Run for Your Life from Obunga and Nextbots in the Backrooms - APK Download Link

The game starts when you find yourself stuck in a mysterious house with many backrooms. It is dark, and the nextbots are lurking in the shadows. You must use your wits and skills to outsmart them and escape before they catch up with you.

nextbots in backrooms obunga apk

Download apk:

Besides, it is a running game that requires you to be in constant motion. As such, you will have to outwit and outrun the Nextbots as you aim to set a new time record. This won't be an easy task since the backrooms have many secrets & surprises. Play the game and test how good you are at handling tension & making decisions in a split second.

You must move quickly and use your wits & skills to solve puzzles and navigate through the backrooms. If you get stuck, there are clues & hints provided to help you in your mission. Keep an eye out for them since they will make your journey manageable.

Download Nextbots in Backrooms APK and start exploring the mysterious backrooms filled with secrets & stories. See if you can outwit, outrun, and set a new time record as you battle against spine-chilling Nextbots.

Nextbots in Backrooms is an entertaining and challenging game that tests your reflexes and coordination. You will run through the rooms while avoiding dangerous nextbots. Fortunately, the controls are facile, making it easy to play the game with precision.


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