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[S2E5] A Power Move

Casey, desperate to ease prison life for Heather, begs to ask her state attorney contacts to move Heather to a minimum-security facility. When Isabella agrees to do all she can, Casey passes the news on to an increasingly agitated Heather in prison.

[S2E5] A Power Move

Eadric declined, as he was fiercely loyal to Ethelred. Canute was impressed by his loyalty and asked him to accompany him outside. Once they left the house, Canute ordered a soldier to set fire to a massive wooden structure. Eadric was confused by Canute's actions, and after a few minutes of waiting, smoke began to emerge from different parts of Mercia. This was a power move on Canute's part, as he wanted to show Eadric that he could erase Mercia at will. Canute had tricked the local lord into believing that a negotiation was going to happen. All Canute wanted was to show that if Eadric refused to kill Ethelred, Mercia would be completely destroyed.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 5 " Kill Box": In the wake of the tent city transfer, Mike (Renner) finds himself in a race to locate Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa). Kareem (Michael Beach) surveys the new power structure and later gets some unsettling news. Kyle (Handley) contemplates his next move. Milo (Aidan Gillen) looks to fix Joseph's (George Tchortov) mistake. Now, here's a look at the preview images for the Leon Hendrix III-penned fifth season episode:

"My perspective is that we're not friends," Whitney says straightforwardly. "I think we just tolerate each other." This is when Lisa rolls out her theory for how they're going to get over this and move on: Whitney needs to accept that everything she's been offended by from Lisa has simply been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation. When Lisa referred to Whitney as "this" to Angie, she didn't mean it like that. When Lisa told Angie not to claim Whitney as her cousin, she just meant that she would never seek out a relationship with someone her friend of 25 years was having "discord" with.

"Dancin' Homer" is the fifth episode of the second season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 8, 1990. In the episode, Homer becomes the Springfield Isotopes' new mascot after firing up the crowd at a baseball game. When the Isotopes start a winning streak, Homer becomes the mascot for the Capital City Capitals. The Simpsons move there but return home after Homer fails to enthrall the big-city crowd.

Homer is hired as the Isotopes' mascot, spurring the team to a winning streak. Their next loss causes Homer to worry that he will be fired, but he is instead offered a chance to perform during the major-league games played in Capital City by its team, the Capitals. He is to fill in for their mascot, the Capital City Goofball, during portions of each game. The Simpsons pack their belongings, say goodbye to their friends, and move to Capital City. However, Homer's first performance fails to impress the crowd; he is fired immediately afterward, and the family moves back to Springfield.

Along with giving the animators orientation regarding looks and ambience of minor league games, many of the new characters introduced in the episode were named after Levine's friends from his announcer career. The minor league announcer in the episode, whom Levine voiced, was named Dan Hoard after his broadcasting partner in Syracuse, New York. The major league announcer was named Dave Glass after Levine's partner in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Capital City Capitals owner who fires Homer was named Dave Rosenfield after the general manager of the Tidewater Tides.[4] When conceiving the name for Springfield's own team, Levine started to think of connecting it to the nuclear power plant, with Isotopes chosen as "the funniest, goofiest name we could come up with".[2] The episode features a guest appearance by singer Tony Bennett, who was the first guest star to appear as himself on The Simpsons.[5] Bennett appears in a scene in which the Simpson family meets him while taking a tour of Capital City. He also sings a song called "Capital City" over the closing credits. The lyrics and music of the song were written by Simpsons writer Jeff Martin. Tom Poston guest starred in the episode as the Capital City Goofball. The mascot has appeared in many episodes later on in the show, but he has spoken only once since "Dancin' Homer" and has been reduced to making minor background appearances.[6] Ron Taylor was meant to reprise his role of Bleeding Gums Murphy, who he had played in the first-season episode "Moaning Lisa", but was unable to record the part; Daryl L. Coley filled in for him.[7]

There is no way either of these characters will come back after their endings in Episode 5 of the final season. There is a complete change in power for both parties of the government, and that could mean a lot of problems for both human and fae.

Miller and the Rocinante crew are both trying to grapple with the fact that Eros moved to evade the Nauvoo. But there's little time to marvel: powered by the protomolecule, Eros is heating up and moving fast.

Back at the UN, everybody's going crazy with the reports that Eros is on the move. Avasarala tries to cool down any notions that Mars is behind it. Matters get even more tense when they find out that Eros is on a collision course with Earth.

Needless to say, it's a huge revelation for the series moving forward. Fushi's role in the world of To Your Eternity has been akin to a prophet, but the power to imbue their creations with life changes the character to something more like a god. Fushi has always struggled with a desire to connect with others as a person, and this new ability puts them further out of step with humanity, serving as another source of angst for the long-suffering immortal.

For now, Fushi remains blissfully unaware of their new power, and the twist mostly serves to inform more of Bon's character. To Your Eternity has struggled with balancing the prince's likable qualities with his narcissism, but this episode reconciles that struggle by making it a dilemma for him to work through. The prince has several altruistic moments, but he also treats his assistant Todo -- in reality, his childhood crush Iris in disguise -- terribly, much to Fushi's chagrin, and the immortal wonders if they can rely on Bon as an ally.

Bon being torn between his genuine desire to do good and his more selfish instincts comes to a head when he elects not to tell Fushi about their power to resurrect the dead. Afterward, he makes a sinister, grandstanding speech to himself that he will gladly manipulate Fushi in order to become king -- though it's clear from the tone that he isn't comfortable fully committing to this callous persona. It's the most well-characterized Bon has been all season, and it shows that he still has the potential to be a complex addition to To Your Eternity's cast.

Irene screams over the betrayal, all the screens on the projects crack, and the girls responsible all fall to the ground and appear to go catatonic. Madison confronts Irene and accuses her of having powers this whole time, and only making Madison think she had them. But it turns out Irene is just a friend Madison conjured up like the pencil. Now that she has served her purpose, she disintegrates, and Madison must come to terms with what has happened.

The narrative dragged a bit, and the Mean Girls routine was a bit stale. Still, I was definitely compelled by the shifting power dynamics. I was going back and forth trying to decide what was really going on, and the twist at the end really made the whole thing worth it.

They move closer together about to kiss. Alex steps back and says he has to go. He leaves. Izzie exclaims, "Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?" She slams the front door.Izzie turns on the light in George's room and says, "Seriously??" George wakes up.She comes into George's room and tells him to make room for her on his bed. She gets on his bed and lies down. George complains that he was sleeping and Izzie tells him to shut up.

Meredith bursts into George's room and shouts, "Seriously!!" Next moment all three of them are in bed together with George sandwiched between them, George says, "This is a very small bed." Meredith sits up and says that Derek is a brain surgeon. Izzie says, "I look fantastic. I shaved my legs!" Meredith says, "He's a brain surgeon! How can he be so brainless?" Izzie says, "Hello? Seriously?" Meredith echoes, "Seriously!" George taps both of their shoulders and says, "Shhh". The storm makes the power go out.

Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie are leaning over the railing when the power goes out then turns back on again. Cristina is hunched over and exhales sharply. Meredith says, "You know how long a surgical scar takes to heal. You must be in pain. You should take something." Cristina says, "Drugs are for babies." Meredith rolls her eyes and Izzie says, "I hate Alex." Cristina says, "And the non sequitur award goes to [trails off]." Izzie apologies but she hates Alex. Meredith tells them she broke up with Derek. Cristina says that Burke wants a relationship. Izzie says, "Boys are stupid", and walks down the hall. Meredith walks away along the railing and Cristina says, "Yep."

Alex is trying to pry the elevator doors open as George reads off the directions on the elevator panel. They should not become alarmed, to press the alarm button to call for assistance. George says, "If they don't want us to be alarmed, why do they call the button alarm?" He pushes the button several times. Alex is struggling with the door and says the button hasn't worked so why would it work now, he says they lost power and that they're just stuck. Pete moans and George says his blood pressure is falling. George whispers to Alex that the need to get Pete to an O.R. (operating room) immediately. Pete tells them not to whisper. Alex tries to use the phone in the elevator. Pete says the situation is bad. George tries to assure him that they'll be able to get out. 041b061a72


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