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Malayalam Nadan Pattukal Lyrics Pdf: A Guide to Enjoy the Folk Songs of Kerala

Malayalam nadan pattukal are the folk songs of Kerala, a state in South India. They are sung by the people of different regions, castes, religions and occupations, reflecting their culture, history, traditions and emotions. Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf is a file format that contains the lyrics of these songs in Malayalam language, along with some information about their origin, meaning and context.

Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf

If you are interested in learning and singing along with these songs, you can download Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf from various online sources. Some of them are:

  • Nadan Pattukal Malayalam folk songs by Anonymous: This is a collection of 36 folk songs from different parts of Kerala, released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

  • NADAN PATTUKAL - MALAYALAM by Arasar Ayya: This is a compilation of 97 folk songs sung by various artists, including Kalabhavan Mani, Banerji and Durga Viswanath.

  • Malayalam Nadan Pattukal Lyrics Pdf ((LINK)) by Tsar: This is a link to a SoundCloud playlist that contains 10 folk songs with lyrics in pdf format.

Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf can help you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Kerala's folk music. You can also learn more about the social and historical aspects of Kerala through these songs. Some of the themes that are explored in these songs are:

  • Love and romance: Many nadan pattukal are about love stories, both happy and tragic. Some examples are Tharaka Pennale, Ellolam Thariponnendhina, Ennum Varum Vazhi Vakkil and Kannimanga Prayathil.

  • Agriculture and nature: Many nadan pattukal celebrate the bounty of nature and the hard work of farmers. Some examples are Aalayal Tharavenam, Pandipada, Pakalu Muzhuvan Paniyeduthu and Chenthamara Chelulla Penne.

  • Religion and spirituality: Many nadan pattukal express devotion to various gods and goddesses, especially those related to nature and fertility. Some examples are Athachamayam, Arude Arude Nallamma Om Kali, Rama Rama and Kunju Naalil Cheruppathil.

  • Humor and satire: Many nadan pattukal use humor and satire to poke fun at various aspects of society, such as politics, caste, gender and superstition. Some examples are Adandada Mange, Karakanatha, Kochola Kiliye and Mole Anaye Kettiyalum Pappane Kettalle.

Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf can also help you to improve your Malayalam language skills, as they use rich vocabulary, idioms and expressions. You can also enjoy the musicality and rhythm of these songs, as they use various instruments such as chenda, ilathalam, kudamkuzhal, kaniyira and thudi.

Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf is a valuable resource for anyone who loves Kerala's folk music. You can download it from the links given above and enjoy the songs at your convenience. You can also share it with your friends and family and spread the joy of nadan pattukal.


Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf is a great way to enjoy the folk songs of Kerala. You can download it from various online sources and learn more about the culture, history, traditions and emotions of Kerala. You can also sing along with these songs and have fun with your friends and family. Malayalam nadan pattukal lyrics pdf is a treasure of musical and linguistic heritage that you should not miss. 6c859133af


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