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[S2E18] The Killer In The Concrete ((BETTER))

A middle-aged man's corpse is found buried under concrete in a dam spillway. He survived stabbing and shooting but died from a skull perforation with something like an ice pick and was coated in concrete while still alive. Booth, who suffers from an infected tooth but dreads the dentist, soon finds "Cement Head" was William Raymund 'Billy Rae' McKenna. His probable killer, ("Ice Pick," his trademark weapon) Hugh Kennedy -- who died in a car fire, after which his leg was found severed, while fleeing bounty hunter Veleska Miller -- was a rival of the gang of West Virginia crime king Melvin Gallagher. Gallagher happens to fly everywhere, and it is evident that his pilot Clark Lightner is clearly a smart man.

[S2E18] The Killer in the Concrete

Booth suspects an organized-crime family when a partial skeleton is found encased in concrete, and he tries to lure the suspected killer out of hiding; Brennan gets a surprise visit from her father while visiting her mother's grave.

The episode "Player Under Pressure" was originally supposed to air in April 2007 as episode 19, but was delayed in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, as the episode's plot featured finding human remains on a college campus.[2] The episode later aired in April 2008 as part of the third season, with new footage. The episode "Aliens in a Spaceship" introduces the storyline of the Grave Digger, an unresolved case. The Grave Digger would later return in the fourth season, when the team discovers its identity. Serial killer Howard Epps returns for two episodes, in which the team must discover more of his victims.

Batman is pursuing Mabel Mhurder, aka Ma Murder, but she lures him into a trap. Her men try to dose hi with concrete and he avoids the flow, but things look grim as they open fire. However, Batman's newest ally comes to his rescue: J.E.B. Stuart, a ghost piloting the Haunted Tank. Ma Murder flees in her car, and Stuart takes Batman along in pursuit. Ma makes the jump over a ferry bridge and Stuart takes the Haunted Tank over the gap as well. The ghost finally fires a cannon shell into Ma's car, sending her over a bridge. Batman rescues her and thanks Stuart for his help.

What is even scarier is when the unsubs on Criminal Minds episodes are based on real cases. These are both reasonably straight copies of real killers as well as episodes using real-life cases as a reference.

As the true-crime genre has proven popular over the years, fictionalizing serial killers on Criminal Minds is often a fun way to learn more about the real-life stories that the episodes are based on. Because the stories are not reenactments of the classic crimes, it is often interesting to research and learn more about the killings, killers, and victims in the stories, and included here are links to find out more about these all too real tragedies, including the scary story of the Keystone Killer.

He was a serial killer who killed his parents and then went on a killing spree in the '80s. This was one of Hotch's first cases, and the early killings were based on the Zodiac Killer, which remains a cold case. In this case, the killer returned many years later to torment Hotch and even killed his wife.

One of the best episodes of Criminal Minds came with "Riding the Lightning" in Season 1. This episode saw the BAU head to a prison to interview a husband and wife serial killer couple who are preparing for their execution. However, what made this episode hit home was that the wife was not guilty and refused to admit this to protect her child, a rare heroic moment on Criminal Minds by an unsub.

"Natural Born Killer" was a Season 1 episode that had the BAU starting to investigate a case of a mob hit on an Organized Crime Unit. The team then realizes the unsub is a serial killer connected to dozens of murders who targeted the OCU. The episode is based on the real-life serial killer, Richard Kuklinski.

Kuklinski was the serial killer known as The Iceman. His signature was putting his victim's bodies into freezers, and he killed anywhere between seven and 250 people because he often exaggerated his criminal career after he was arrested. He even claimed he killed Jimmy Hoffa.

"To Hell" and "And Back" are the final two episodes of Season 4 and feature the serial killer known who leads the BAU from Detroit to Canada. These killers were brothers Mason and Luvas and were part of one of Criminal Minds' weirdest cases, as they eliminated the bodies by feeding them to his pigs.

"Unfinished Business" was another Season 1 episode and presented the BAU with the Keystone Killer, a serial killer in Philadelphia who was out of action for 18 years and then showed back up to torment the retired FBI agent who worked his case.

"The Thirteenth Step" came out in Season 6 and featured a pair of serial killers, a young couple who went on an interstate killing spree. Adrianne Palicki starred in Criminal Minds as Sydney, a girl who fell for a local guy named Ray and killed his girlfriend before hitting the road with him.

These unsubs in Criminal Minds were based on the real-life serial killers Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. In real life, Starkweather was the aggressor at the start, killed Caril's family, and the two went on a killing spree, with a total of 11 victims.

"Our Darkest Hour" was the season finale of Criminal Minds' fifth season. This episode saw the BAU called to Los Angeles to face a serial killer who began pursuing victims during rolling blackouts, making him even more dangerous.

This twisted Criminal Minds' suspect was Billy Flynn, the Prince of Darkness, was Tim Curry portrayed him to perfection. The episode was based on Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, a serial killer with 20 victims in the '80s.

He called police and led them to the house where they broke open the tomb inside a shed to find it contained a low brick wall used to hide the corpse with three separate layers of concrete placed over the body, as well as a claw hammer and two knives wrapped in a duvet and tarpaulin.

With the murders intensifying, the BAU bands together to profile the copycat killer. Since the episode involves a genius, Spencer Reid takes control of the case. He figures out the history between Caleb and Harvey, allowing him to arrest them both and stop any more murders.

The series gets off to a powerful start as stalwart Hill Street Precinct Capt. Frank Furillo endures a string of personal and professional crises. Furillo tries to defuse a powder-keg hostage situation in a liquor store despite a media circus, his overzealous Emergency Action Team leader and a pair of nervous gang kids and their leader. His secret lover, public defender Joyce Davenport, hounds him about a client who has been lost. And his ex-wife, Fay, berates him after his child-support check bounces. Det. J.D. LaRue tries to pick up Davenport after sending her on a wild goose chase and receives a lapful of hot coffee in return. Belker busts a bald-headed pickpocket, the first of several encounters to come. Sgt. Phil Esterhaus tells Fay about his teen-age sweetheart, Cindy. And, after handling a domestic situation, Hill and Renko find their police unit has been stolen and are shot when they walk into a building to call in the theft. guest stars: Panchito Gomez (Hector Ruiz), Gary Grubbs (Earps), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Ron Godines (Contreras), Paul Michael (proprietor), Heshimu Cumbuku (pimp), Luisa Leschin (street kid), Don Cervantes (street kid), Richard Wright (killer junkie), Chris Doyle (angel dust junkie), Andy Garcia (street kid in booking), Rocky Echevarria (Fuentes), Veronica Redd (Alena), Eleanor McCoy (Jonette), Vernon Washington (William), Andy Arthur (street kid) writer: Michael Kozoll Steven Bochco; director: Robert Butler

Chief Daniels urges Furillo to back off on Hudson until he has more concrete evidence. Frank and Joyce have it out on a racquetball court. Hudson beats up his lawyer and Furillo tries to get her to testify against him, but she has other plans for the gang leader. After a junkie prostitute nearly dies due to her mistake, Bates lashes out at everyone and walks out of the small arms competition in which she and Coffey are favored. Mac confesses his sexual attraction to Esterhaus, sending a stunned Phil back into Grace's arms. Furillo counsels Bates. Goldblume and his wife, Rachel, reconcile. A miserable Joyce pays an evening visit to the Hill and brings her relationship with Frank out into the open with a kiss.

Furillo is summoned to a crime scene and discovers public defender Pam Gilliam has been gunned down in a robbery. A devastated Joyce comes to Frank's office for comfort after identifying Gilliam's body at the morgue and later seriously questions her line of work. Royal Blood gang colors were reportedly spotted at the scene and a sweep of a nearby playground nets the gun and, ultimately, the killer of Gilliam. After being nominated by Cleveland, Hill is elected vice president of the Black Officers' Coalition, causing friction with Renko. Fay questions Furillo about the lack of ranking black officers on the Hill after attending a WAD (Women Against Discrimination) meeting. Goldblume sets his sights on taking down an abusive landlord. Belker's pet mouse - which he carries in his shirt pocket - meets an unfortunate end after a congratulatory pat. The rodent's funeral in the station house men's room comes at an inopportune moment. LaRue and Washington bust a cocaine dealer, who cuts a deal to give them a PCP lab. LaRue starts drinking again.

Coffey and Bates discover two officers - one dead, the other seriously wounded - who were shot during a burglary. The deceased officer's wife lashes out at Furillo after he breaks the grim news, an all-too-frequent task. In an effort to find the killer, everyone follows the bizarre trail of the gun used to shoot the officers. Hunter tries to sell First Strike Estates to Goldblume and Fay. While taking his driver's test Belker chases down a robber. Furillo can't help but laugh when a panicked Fay tells him she found Frank Jr. "playing doctor" with a girl and that the girl's mother is threatening to bring charges. A distraught Renko is forced to put his father back in the hospital after his condition worsens. Joyce tells Frank she's been carrying a gun since Pam Gilliam's death. 041b061a72


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