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What To Look For When Buying A Used Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is the ultimate truck for an off-roading experience not only because of its robust construction and excellent reliability, but outstanding safety features as well. And considering the amount of used Ford Ranger trucks on the market and the plentiful amount of replacement components, I can conclude that purchasing a used Ford Ranger can be a fantastic choice if you want an affordable yet performance-oriented mid-size truck!

what to look for when buying a used ford ranger

If you need a smaller truck, a Ford Ranger is a good choice. Just remember that buying a used vehicle comes with risks. Knowing which models of the Ford Ranger have the worst reputation lets you know that you should skip over any advertisements for 1999 and 2001 Rangers.

Point is, if you're considering a 2011-15 Ranger (pictured above) on the basis of quality and ability, the Mazda BT-50 of the same generation (essentially 2011-2020, when the Japanese brand moved to a new ute developed with Isuzu) might be worth a look.

With any used T6, keep a look out for off-road damage and accessories that indicate a hard working life. Inspect for underbody scrapes or mud caked into hard-to-reach places - not a deal-breaker for a tough ute, but certainly something to be aware of. Check the tub to see whether it's carried concrete blocks... or the weekly grocery shop.

A major redesign happened in this generation when the grille size was reduced substantially, making for a smoother, more aerodynamic face for the Ranger and fender flares that added to a rounded look.

The engines were pretty decent, too. Four-wheel-drive was the best choice because it let you get going without any problems. On top of that, the dual-cab vehicle was a top contender. However, there are a number of reasons to be careful when buying a used Ford Ranger. This ute could be much better than the Mitsubishi Triton, but it's not perfect.

If a car just isn't enough for you, it might be time to consider a used Ford Ranger. In fact, Rangers are brilliant vehicles on all accounts and handle themselves well regardless of where they're driven (including off-road). However, these vehicles did have a number of problems relating to safety and other issues that popped up with each generation. Find out more about this ute and what to look for.

If you keep up with the news, you're sure to hear about Rangers being a top choice when compared to buying Toyota or other brands. A ute is something you're bound to need, but you want it to have low mileage, no mechanical faults, no underbody damage, and a decent interior. These vehicles are workhorses and are much better than cars when you have a lot to move in Australia.

Given the overwhelming number of questions I have received about used camper shells, I thought it might be useful to write a little guide to buying used tops. First I'll tell you a few things to watch out for, and then I'll break down the major changes in truck bed dimensions for different makes in the last few decades.

Keep in mind that if major parts of the top you are looking at are broken, you need to look into the price of replacing those parts before you take advantage of that "deal of the century." Far too many times, I have seen used tops for sale where the seller thinks the repair is simple. In the photo above, the glass is coming away from the frame leaving a big gap. This part of the window should be sealed. The repair in that photo is at least $250, and that's just for the parts.

The other bonus about the Transit is that it comes in just about every body style you can think of, which makes it very versatile. But what should you look for in a used Ford Transit van, and are there any common faults to be aware of?

The 3rd-generation Ford Ranger would not qualify as a safe pickup today. It might have received a four-star rating for its frontal impact at launch, but standards were a lot lower back then - amply demonstrated by the fact that the 1999 Ranger Regular Cab received five stars for the side impact, even without side airbags, a score that would be impossible to achieve without side and curtain airbags under today's demanding standards. Rollover stability was poor and when the NHTSA added this test for the 2001 model, the 4x2 received only three stars and the 4x4 a poor two stars. For what it's worth, the 2007 Ranger is safer, garnering five stars for the frontal impact under the old rating system. The 2008 4x4's rollover rating improved to three stars. To get a clearer view of the Ranger's true safety, look at the 2011 model's scores, which was obtained under the NHTSA's stricter 2011+ testing criteria. The 2011 Ranger scored only two stars for the frontal impact, three for the side crash, and three for the rollover test.

Now that you know what the new Ranger brings to the table, take a look for yourself at Koons Ford of Baltimore. Browse our inventory of new Ford cars for sale near Baltimore, MD to zero in on your favorite model. You might also find a chance to save when you look at our new Ford specials, so check those out and schedule a test drive. 041b061a72


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